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Factors that determine the future
Global connections make it possible to communicate with people located anywhere in the world, and push for the creation of organizations that are not tied to a specific place. Today and in the future, it is not necessary to live where you work. And vice versa.
A new type of organization with an unusual structure without a hierarchy, a direct boss and direct subordinates, with a complex assessment of effectiveness. Work in modern organizations is more like a game than a strict system that fetters freedom. In modern projects, employees change roles, their creativity and development is encouraged.
Robotization becomes the reason that machines, systems, programs can work autonomously, performing programmed tasks. If earlier a thousand people came to the plant, now and especially in the future, ten will be enough - and then to set up automated processes.
Computing technologies. Today, you will not surprise anyone with the ability to turn on the light or turn off the iron remotely from your smartphone. Further - more: the development of sensors, monitoring and control systems makes the surrounding world (home, city, state) a programmable system.
The increase in life expectancy around the world makes us take a fresh look at career, self-realization, continuous education. In a broad sense, we have more time for everything - for work and leisure, research and creativity, family and travel. In search of your recognition, you can try yourself in different areas. If you have creative skills, then you can become a blogger or a writer. In this case, it is important to use to develop creative skills. Therefore, in order to achieve a certain level of skills, you need to work hard at it.
New media and the global information network are all the information of mankind at hand at any time. The abundance of information generates a change in the forms of its presentation. Video, audio, pictures and diagrams have become a new language, "design is a new writing" . Those who speak this language are ahead of those who think in terms of the textual form of information.
These factors determine the skill set of a person in the future. These universal skills will help you fit into the new reality and succeed in it.
In an unstable world full of uncertainties, such an approach leads to disappointments in life, when a person who has achieved professionalism in a certain field all his life finds himself without a job. It seems to him that he is not good enough, but in fact the conditions have changed (in the state, in the world), and professionalism in this area is no longer in demand. In order to be in demand, it is important to learn and develop skills in a particular area. The most important thing is to be creative and creative in order to find a way to find in any situation and this is very helpful which serves to develop such skills. It helps a lot in developing and learning as it is necessary in life.

Media literacy is the ability to use the power of social media to achieve your goals. A real explosion of user-generated content is happening today and is predicted for the next decade. Blogs, publics, pages, groups, podcasts, Youtube channels, Instagram and Telegram - each of these social media has its own specifics in the form of information presentation, goals, audience. The ability to promote your products, seek out expert content, and create high-quality videos and graphics for social media will be essential for successful development in all areas in the future.
In the future, we are waiting for instability and uncertainty in the social and labor spheres - traditional education is not able to prepare its graduates for this. The main factors shaping the future will be: global connections, a new type of organization, robotization, computing technologies, increased life expectancy and new media. To fit into this reality, find your place and achieve professional success, you need to develop in the following areas:
Make your thinking flexible and learn how to switch it from critical and computational thinking to creative and design thinking. And for this you need to use a professional paper editor for effective thinking. This is a very good way to be flexible in any situation.
Develop social intelligence (empathy), learn to work in an intercultural virtual space.
Navigate multiple professional areas, draw information from different social media and be able to cope with cognitive loads.
At first, such a forecast of scientists alerted me, but then I realized that no matter how inevitable technological progress, the development of artificial intelligence and robots, human communication cannot be replaced by anything in the next 10 years.

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