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They gathered inside the boardroom inside one of those overly designed skyscrapers. The room had an impressive view overlooking the city, taller than any other building or more acutely not overlooked.
Inside where a select range of very wealthy individuals, collectively they had a larger wealth than most countries. They could have anything they wanted and that's why they are all here. The room is laid out with named seats all directed towards a stage. Waiters and aides looked after the clientele's needs. Soon the lights flashed, the guests showed to their seats and all waiters and aides left the room. The doors are locked and guarded.

A slender tall woman strides onto the stage, she knew M Division was going to have a very productive day. She radiated confidence. She looked over the audience ages ranging from early 70s to late 20s, all powerful. Some are CEO of large companies, some own hedge funds, some come from old fashion money, and some are celebrities. All are women who know what they want.

"Welcome ladies. I hope your flights and accommodation is to your requirements, if there are any issues please use your unique M Division phone to advise your personal concierge of your required changes. Today is all about you. You are special and deserve what you want. That is why we are here. That is why M Division sent you an invitation to this very exclusive event. There is one thing in your lives you are without, something that fails to satisfy your drive, your desires, your appetites. Something if you are male there are plenty of services that could address your needs. But as powerful women you are deprived of, I am of course talking about your sexual desires, your orgasms. If you were a powerful man you could have any woman made to your requirements all to match your fantasy, your needs and leave you truly satisfied. You are deprived as powerful women. You are expected to make all the effort, run a business, run a company, run a family, look attractive but suffer substandard orgasms, suffer average sex, criticised for having fantasies and not have them satisfied. But why? Why should this be? The reason is women need more than men. It's not just a tight pussy and big tits that make us orgasm. We need seduction, we need romance, we need mental stimulation, we need emotional connection, we need to dominate, we need to be dominated, we need security we need all of these and more to be truly satisfied with a lover."

"As a powerful woman you don't need just a male bimbo, a slut to bang away at you many of you have a husband or partner who does this already. No matter how amazing a cock he might have you need and deserve more. That is why we invited you here and that is what we are going to show you today."
"Walking onstage is Gerrard. As you can see he is a fine figure of a man at nearly 2 m tall and heavily sculpted in muscles. Gerrard will you please remove your gown and allow our clients to view your body."

"I think you will all agree he is exquisite. Gerrard is trained to be your PA, or guard, or secretary or be any role you require. He is able to speak eight languages and can coordinate all aspects of your life. Gerrard's previous occupation was an SAS officer so you know he can and will keep you safe. He has been educated in all customs and social etiquette."

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