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And the Excuse THIS time is my laptop was broken for a while and needed repairing, then something something writers block. At this point, I'm not going to make anymore promises, that being said, hope you enjoy this one.


It was a boisterous evening that late July, pubs had been filled with supporters of the local team as well as their jeers and complaints when the colours of their pride were worn by the losers of the match.

Not that it changed much, everyone was still loud and having fun, knocking back ciders and lagers like parched throats in the desert. Match day was just an excuse to get out and have fun with the mates, people would complain and moan but win or lose, people came out only because it was fun to do so.

Or rather, this was the case for all except one corner of the room.

Two men, one more hammered than the other with problems that went beyond the scope of the winners of a footy match.

His name was Ralph Walker and two months prior he had been dumped by his girlfriend.

"It's not my fault I'm so damn short!" He moaned, the stench of alcohol pungent on his breath.

The 5"3 man was currently emptying the troubles of his heart as fast as he drained the drink from his glass while his best friend suffered the pain of listening to his inebriated babbling all the while.

"It's ok bud." He answered half-tired, half-amused at his pint sized friend's broken heart.

"I mean, it's all down to genetics and stuff innit?" He continued


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"I'm not even that tiny! Do I look like some midget to you?"

"'Course not"

"It's not my fault my parents gave birth to some freak of vertical nature..."

"Damn that nature"

"Nature's a bitch!"

Ralph took another swig from his long emptied glass. He looked at the bartender as if to ask for a refill, but his disapproving glare made him shut his mouth.

His friend sighed, exhausted just from listening to his friend but even more so because this wasn't the first time he'd endured his friend's rejection episodes.

"Maybe you should give up on getting a girlfriend dude. The hermit life might be for you, and you'll doing our planet a service by not contributing to overpopulation"

Ralph turned to him with a flushed face and unfocused eyes, far too hammered for his own good, it was impressive that he could hear his friend despite his intoxication.

"Absolutely fuck no! I just haven't found the right one yet! I'll get her soon, just you wait!"

"Ralph, this was the third rejection this month—The TWELTH this year!"

"That's not too bad though..."

"It's barely even the middle of March!"

Ralph made a dismissive gesture and again, stole a swig from his empty glass.

"Seriously, just you wait bro! I'll snag me a real knockout someday, one that likes me for who I am!"

"A vertically challenged drunk?"

"Yeah! That thing!"

And he got what he wished for not a week later. He met her on a dating website, one of hundreds he had bookmarked and prowled on regularly.

She wasn't the first person he had tried to date that claimed she was interested in shorter guys, she's just the only one that didn't lose interest or stand him up afterwards.

But he wasn't expecting her to be a giant that was for sure. Cindy Stokes towered over him, a good two feet taller than he was. She had long red hair and skyblue eyes that reflected a sort of liveliness that made her feel younger than she actually was or appeared to be. Her plush pink lips seemed permanently curved in a joyful grin and while she hid her body under a turtleneck sweater, it was pretty obvious that her tits were equally as freakishly huge as she was.

They hit it off alright, and Ralph learned Cindy had just as much trouble with relationships as he did.

"Seriously? With a body like that? Who would be crazy enough to turn you down?" His question was met with a polite smile and a dainty chuckle. They may have had similar bad luck but she clearly took it in stride more than he did.

"Oh? Don't you have a silver tongue. I think some guys are just intimidated by me, they don't make girls in my size these days wouldn't you say?"

"That's a shame too, I wouldn't mind having a couple thousand more hotties like you walking around"

It was a bad pick up line to be sure but it was also the genuine truth. Giant tits, broad hips and a smile that could melt the ice caps, not to mention funny and a blast to talk to in general, she was almost too perfect.

What could anyone possibly not see in her?

"A 'hottie' am I?" Cindy purred, shooting her eyebrows up in mirthful surprise. She leaned forward over their shared table, briefly startling Ralph who's thoughts turned to her poorly contained chest knocking over glasses and menus. When nothing of the sort happened, he looked back to her face, now inches from his own and grew captivated by her marvellous smile, her hypnotic eyes, her beauty in general.

"Then tell me Mr. Charmer, do I intimidate you too?"

The truth was she did and Ralph was about to lie hoping to get in her good books. But her eyes, more like a clear crystal than the empty sky, made him imagine his true feelings being reflected in her gleaming gaze.

Like she would know if he was lying or not.

"Oh yeah, absolutely" he responded with a laugh "But if this doesn't work out then I'm probably going to go 'celibate monk' style now, you know?"

She smiled kindly, radiating a type of warmth that just washed over and enveloped you, purifying you of your stress and anxiety. Her eyes gleamed attentively too, like she wasn't focused on anything but him in that moment. They drew him in as if to hypnotize, her whole being radiated an almost maternal kindness that made him feel secure in her gaze.

As far back as he tried to recall, Ralph couldn't remember any girl making him feel so happy with a look, hell, he couldn't remember one giving him such a devoted look ever, let alone the first date.

Perhaps that should have been the first warning.

Giggling at his increasingly flushed face she took his hand in hers and whispered low and seductively.

"Well, we can't let that happen to you now can we?"

A couple hours later they were in a hotel room.

Less than a minute upon entering, Ralph was being swallowed in Cindy's rapturous kiss.

He thought they were moving a little two fast when she had suggested they stop at a hotel instead of parting ways but she simply shook off his concerns with her unflinchingly loving smile and Ralph had shut up on the taxi ride over.

He said nothing on the drive over when she sat close, practically sitting ON him.

He said nothing when they booked a room and took the elevator up with her clinging to his side.

It was only when they got to the room did his nerves finally surface. He turned to say something just as he heard the door close and suddenly found himself tasting the giant's tongue, squirming deeper into his mouth to probe every nook and cranny his gums could offer, breathing the hot, heavy air that passed her lips.

To call it a kiss would be selling it short, she was practically eating him, giving a whole new meaning to 'sucking face' as her plush lips enveloped his entire mouth, leaving faint red trails where the skin touched her lipstick and a sheen of saliva.

His first instinct was to struggle. Having a powerful force restrain him tightly while something wet and soft latched onto his face and infiltrated his mouth surprised him into a panic.

But she held him firmly, her arms reaching down his back had fastened his arms to his sides and her thighs clasped around his lower body to stop his legs from flailing uselessly while she violated his mouth.

He calmed down eventually and relaxed in her grip, melting into her kiss as her mouth sloppily bathed his face and gums in her heated drool.

She eventually picked up the little man until he was truly dangling in her arms, his feet no longer touching the ground, and took him to the bed. She threw him onto the soft mattress and wasted no time climbing on with him, stripping - almost tearing in her haste - her dress to bare her lingerie covered body for him to see.

The underwear she wore was pink and lacy but too small for her proportions. Her bra barely covered her areolae and futily tried to hold back her immense bosom that now fell unrestrained and free without it and her panties were little more than a thong riding high on her hips but being consumed by her voluptuous ass.

He looked up at her, on all fours hovering over his clothed, yet pitched, crotch with her mouth open and her tongue lolling out, bubbles of foamy spit built up inside her mouth anticipating the drop onto his flesh stick while she waited. Her body shuddered with every breath she took, each left to be drawn out and audible for Ralph's sake and her eyes, which had never stopped watching him since the restaurant, gazed with that half-lidded stare like she was busy in a blissful daydream too pleasant to wake from.

He didn't realize she had asked him a question until she patted at his crotch to get him to focus, like a puppy pawing at it's owner for attention.

"Are you having second thoughts about this honey?" She asked meekly, betraying the aggressive impression she had left in his mouth earlier.

Despite his prior reservations about them taking things too quickly, he found himself lost in her devoted eyes once again, unable to look away and his reservations dying without so much a fight.

She continued to pat at his hidden stiffy, ushering him to say no, to let her pounce on him. She was desperate for his cock, it was written all over her, the way she wiggled her hips with side to side in an agitated manner, the way her juicy thighs rubbed impatiently against each other, the way her face was drifting closer and closer to his manhood, to the point where it was essentially resting in his lap, her hot breath seeping into his dress pants and rousing his swollen member to full mast.

"No problems here babe" he gulped nervously "Ready whenever you a-whooooaaaa!"

Immediately the beast pounced.

She tore off his trousers and underwear in one go, liberating the cock from it's dark prison before drawing it into a newer, wetter one.

Her mouth engulfed his length happily, taking it until her lips kissed the base of his cock. Her excessive saliva flooded the inside of her mouth while her playful tongue coiled around his length, lathering her drool in until it coated the entirety of his cock in a film of spit. All the feeling fled from his hips when Ralph felt the girl suck as hard as she could, an embarrassing loud slurping came out of her as she began to furiously bob her head up and down to focus the feeling all over his penis. Ralph began to squirm but she held onto his legs firmly to prevent him from escaping and after a few minutes, she released his penis with an audible pop and a chorus of heavy panting.

She nuzzled the slimy penis with a stupid, dazed grin, trails of spit connected the penis to her cheek but she didn't seem to mind, she was more interested in pumping the erect dick with her hand, now coated entirely in her slimy essence.

"Mmmhmmhmm. You may be short but this bad boy certainly isn't" she giggled.

Ralph was too distracted by the blowjob's sensations to respond properly, only uttering a confused croak.

"But I want more...Ready or not, thanks for the meeeaaaal~"

She licked the dick from scrote to glans before swallowing the whole thing once again, renewing her brief blowjob with greater zeal.

Ralph was too preoccupied with the feeling to do anything more than enjoy her service, the way her soft tongue caressed the length of his shaft to the way her plump lips pressed firmly down over his girth, as if to clamp around the flesh and never let go.

Her hands wandered to his hips, holding him up as his hips bucked from the pleasure, while her eyes maintained full contact with his, luring him in a spell of lusty concentration, drawing mirth from his increasing gallery of embarrassed and pleasured faces.

Close to the end, she draws her mouth to the very tip of the penis, fastening her mouth around the glans as her tongue gleefully lapped at his head, slurping the precum that had started to dribble lazily out of the top and mercilessly dominating the urethra as if to slip inside the tiny opening and draw out the rest of his male syrup.

"God Cindy! I'm...I'm about to-"

She released his glans with a wet kiss, relishing his involuntary whine when she c=wouldn't let him finish.

"Now, now" she purred "wouldn't you rather feed this mouth instead?"

She spread her glistening vulva with two fingers, hovering the entrance over his dick like the starving maw of some divine creature waiting to clamp down on the feast before it.

The erotic sight was far too tempting to resist, even without the painful throbbing of a dick on edge, twitching as her hot fluids trickled down onto the exposed, crimson glans, mixing with pre-cum and saliva to make a salacious alchemy.

He swallowed and nodded, no words come to mind in the face of such terrifying beauty.

Cindy merely giggled and sat down, slamming her hips with all the force she could muster until she had impaled herself on his meat tower.

She screamed in unadulterated bliss.

Ralph screamed for different reasons.

She never held back when she rocked her hips on top of him, her ferocious and desperate grinding carried all her weight with it, all 130 kilograms of horny woman bouncing on top of his hips roaring to the rafters about how utterly in love with his cock she was.

Every time she fell from her ascent Ralph felt the wind being driven out of his body, the pain in his hips as her soft but ultimately abundant body crushed him.

But dear god did it feel good.


Ralph was beginning to wonder if he was developing some kind of depraved fetish for being smothered under twice his weight in womanly meat. Or maybe he always had that fetish and that's why he never had a girlfriend till now.

Either way, having a girl like Cindy grinding on top of him, letting out moan after cute moan like his cock was the best thing she stuck in her cunt, made it exceedingly difficult to hold back and it wasn't long before the proof of his arousal blasted deep inside her lower mouth.

She collapsed on top of him, her voluminous tits muffled his flushed face and the gentle elasticity of her plump stomach pinned him down with it's spongy weight. Every time he breathed in with her breasts wreathing his head he could taste the hot musk of her body odor and sweat, he didn't mind though.

"I hope you're not tired already baby" she said gazing down at him with those wonderful blue eyes of hers.

Ralph grinned back up at her "Are you kidding? I haven't had nearly enough"

"That's wonderful because I plan on ravishing this cute little cock of yours all night long."

She leaned in closer as her arm reach back for his slimy cock. Her fingers manoeuvred around the sensitive head and positioned it back under her snatch, still slick with both their juices, before slamming it back down to greedily smother the erect member.

She smiled down as she moved her hips once again, using his mouth as a gag to suppress her screams.

As they continued through the night, the poor bed groaning from unceasingly rough play - and him with it - Ralph found himself thinking that he might have found the one after all.

Maybe this relationship would work out.

He broke it off a month later.

He would come to learn rather quickly that dealing with Cindy was exhausting, in more ways than one. She wanted to meet every day and when Ralph insisted that he didn't have the money to take her out at such a regular pace she simply giggled, said she didn't mind and would drag him into the nearest hotel.

Each night they spent together was never peaceful or relaxing. It was fun at first, having a raunchy girlfriend who was horny 24/7 to play with all the time but the novelty wore off quickly when his willing fuck buddy seemed to be permanently set to "fuck your brains out" mode.

She always did the moving, demanding he stay still while she bounced on top of him, her immense, spongy weight smothering him in a soft prison that offered no room to manoeuvrer - smothering his face in her lips, her breasts, any piece of her body that she could spare really.

It was exhausting and whenever he was unable to let out another load, she'd grab him by the hair and hold him against her pussy, relentlessly grinding on his face like the best toy she had.

But that was only the problems in the bed, needless to say her crazed behaviour then only scratched the surface of how utterly unhinged she truly was.

For the first week they met up and went to hotels together but one day Ralph bumped into his colossal fuck buddy on the street outside his apartment.

"What a lucky coincidence teddy bear" a pet name she often screamed out when he was face deep in her crotch "I never thought you'd live sooooo close~ Maybe from now on we can meet up at your place?"

Ralph had agreed but it nagged him for a long time.

Was it really just a coincidence?

He never once shared his address to her though he had been planning to, maybe he blurted it out while they were drunk one night?

Either way she began appearing at his house almost every night from then on. He would hear a tentative knock, gentle like a shy child's and belied her otherwise rough mannerisms in bed.

She would make herself at home, they'd enjoy a brief chat before she impatiently dragged him into his bed and practically maimed the poor bed frame with her enthusiastic shaking.. Ralph would once again, fall asleep utterly exhausted, collapsed into her soft body with her holding him firmly against her.

When he woke up he would find her already up with more energy than he lacked. After breakfast he'd see her out then leave for work and the days would cycle on until about four days later.

He had returned from work late, a particularly gruelling day in the office of any vigour that hadn't been squeezed out earlier that day.

He sighed as he walked the steps up to his abode, thinking about Cindy and her ravenous appetite.

Perhaps he could convince her to take a one day break?

The thought didn't stay long before he dismissed it. He knew her long enough to understand that she was going to get her way even if she was only going to spend the night grinding her cunt on his nose, that was just the type of troublesome amazon he was dealing with.

When he came home he expected her to be waiting outside his apartment, it was long past the time she would normally arrive and yet he didn't put it past her to have waited regardless.

He passed the empty hallway, fumbled for his keys in his weary daze before swinging the wooden door open and stepping into his vacant apartment.

"Gee it sure took you a long time didn't it Teddy Bear?"

He almost failed to register what he found odd about what he saw. After all, he even thought to himself mere moments ago how natural it would be for Cindy to be here, so what was so off about coming back to his apartment to find her lounging in his living room.

Like she always did every evening after he invited her in.

Invited her...in.

It dawned on him what was offputting. The colour drained from his face and chills crawled up his spine, his brain was still too tired to work properly - thoughts gave up before they could reach their conclusions - but he forced it to power through.

Cindy, for her part, merely smiled innocently. The same smile she gifted him when he woke up to her sausage, eggs and toast every morning.

Infectious, ignorant joy embellished the air of the apartment as it did every morning and evening, it was hard not to get swept up in it. The smile drew comfort to it like a bee to pollen. It's sweet radiance always made Ralph feel at home, took away his worries and made him doubt his doubts.


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