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Blocking and setting limits in online casinos - does that make sense?

We do not only provide you with hot news from the world of online gambling in Germany. We also see our task in helping the tiny percentage of players who do not have their personal gambling under control. If you are interested in the topic of blocking and setting limits in online casinos, you have come to the right place.

One thing first: A reputable online casino always offers you the possibility to exclude yourself from gambling or to set limits. While in a classic offline casino you have the possibility to exclude yourself from playing in the location for a year and no shorter period, online the exclusion periods are shorter.

Getting banned and setting limits in online casinos: Which is better?
Next point: online there is a possibility to customize your exclusion. If you notice that you have a problem with your rampant playing at roulette tables, you can get yourself excluded specifically for the roulette games, while continuing to play poker or online baccarat, for example. In this case we are talking about an exclusion from the entire game portfolio or from certain games. If it comes to that, you have already taken your gambling behavior in the wrong direction. Let's say it like it is: You've overdone it and need to take a break.

If you want to avoid this, you should set personal limits. Let's face it, everyone can tell when they're overdoing it when it comes to gambling. Our editors love online https://bestonlinecasino101.com/ gambling as much as you do. Everyone has to be honest with themselves. If you notice that the desire is greater than the mind, you simply set personal limits. But not all limits are the same, and not all exclusions are the same. Here you need to weigh things up carefully. The most important of these are deposit limits, stake limits and loss limits.

The deposit limit is probably the simplest. You can simply set how much money you can deposit per month in an online casino. Thus, you can prevent that you deposit more money in the online casino than you actually intended. Disadvantage: It's just stupid, if just at that moment the lucky streak kicks. Additional credit you can not deposit in this case now.

On the other hand, there is a so-called betting limit. In this case you limit the total turnover that you generate. Each of your bets, whether you win or lose, will be added. If the stakes reach a certain turnover value, the games are over. Also in the case absolutely suboptimal, if it means the luck straight well with you. From this point of view, this is a tool that, similar to the deposit limit, can deprive you of additional winnings in case of a lucky streak.

Instead of blocking and setting limits in online casinos: The loss limit know the fewest

The third in the federal the loss limit. Now pay close attention, because that is the only useful tool in terms of locks let and limits set in online casinos. That know the fewest gamblers. In that case, you set a total loss. And for a certain period of time. If you reach this loss limits in the period, is also then with the play end. At that point you will not be on a winning streak. As long as you win, .you can keep gambling indefinitely. It's only when you start losing regularly that the limit kicks in! We think it is the most sensible option if you are thinking about whether blocking and setting limits in online casinos makes sense for you personally.

At the same time, the providers differ in the possibilities of letting lock and set limits in online casinos. A positive prime example is for example mr.play (here you can read our mr.play casino experiences) or bwin, as our bwin experiences clearly show. Its offer on personal limits and help for responsible gambling is one of the best of our time. Here you can easily set your own personal limits. Other providers do not make it so easy for you. You have to contact the customer service. Generally, you will find an entry at the bottom of the home page of the providers we recommend, which is called responsible gaming. There you will ideally find all the information about blocking and setting limits in online casinos.

Just be honest with yourself: Every block & every limit can be easily circumvented

But we have another hot tip for you, if you are concerned about the topic of blocking and setting limits in online casinos: Be honest with yourself. It does no good at all if you limit yourself with one provider and then sign up for one of the other available online casinos. There you can then play again without limitation. In short: You simply have to be stronger than your desire or greed. You can practice/learn this. If you have to take a break, then try to do so completely without a lock or limit. This is certainly a challenge.

Distract yourself with alternative hobbies, do some spring cleaning or gardening. If you manage not to gamble for a week, you've proven to yourself that you're stronger than your cravings and can gamble again. If you don't make it through the week, use a limit. In this case the loss limit. If you manage not to continue playing after that, everything is also in the green. If you open a new account with a competitor and deposit there after reaching the loss limit, you will have a problem. Limits or self-exclusions will not help you. You need to contact an addiction counseling center like x or y. They will help you figure out your problem. They will help you to get your problem under control!

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